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Dave Cousins efforts to move the band from folk rock into more progressive areas took another step forward here. This is the beginning of a remarkable trilogy of albums by Strawbs, who previous to this were somewhat more of a folk group, but came into their own with some of the best albums of the era- this one, ‘Bursting At The Seams’ and ‘Hero And Heroine’ being particularly potent.

Blue Weaver, Rick Wakeman’s replacement on keyboards, stamps his own mark throughout the album. He provides structured layers of sound for the band to build on, rather than the more independent sound of his predecessor.

This was the last Strawbs album (for the time being) to feature Tony Hooper, who was apparently upset by the direction the band was moving in, his folk roots being less and less in evidence with each new album. For most of the fans though, it represented another major step forward for the Strawbs.

- Dave Cousins / vocals, acoustic & electric guitar, Dulcimer, Recorder
- Tony Hooper / vocals, acoustic guitars, Autoharp, Tambourine
- Richard Hudson / drums, Sitar, Tablas, vocals
- John Ford / bass, vocals, acoustic guitar
- Blue Weaver / organ, piano, Mellotron, Harmonium, Clavioline

Track List:
01. Benedictus (4:24)
02. Hey Little Man … Thursday’s Child (1:05)
03. Queen Of Dreams (5:28)
04. Heavy Disguise (2:50)
05. New World (4:08)
06. Hey Little Man … Wednesday’s Child (1:05)
07. The Flower And The Young Man (4:17)
08. Tomorrow (4:44)
09. On Growing Older (1:54)
10. Ah Me, Ah My (1:21)
11. Is It Today Lord (3:04)
12. The Journey’s End (1:35)

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