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“Sex” were a French-Canadian hard rock trio from Montreal, Quebec. They released their self-titled debut in 1970.

The album features rudimentary hard rock tracks based on heavy blues, a style prevalent in Britain at the time. The sound could be described as a cross between Budgie and Black Sabbath. It is wild, raw, hard psychedelic — chock full of burning, booming guitar, bass and drums. There’s also some nice woodwind on ‘Come, Wake Up!’, some pleasant mouth harp on ‘Try’ and some fuzzy guitar on ‘Night Symphony’ and ‘Love Is A Game’.

Lyrics are sung in English with a heavy French accent. Song titles and lyrics are consistent with the group’s name and contain some disturbing themes.

“Come, Wake Up!” and “Not Yet” were later released as a single.

- Serge Gratton / drums, congas, xylophone, percussion
- Yves Rousseau / guitar, vocals
- Robert Trepanier / bass, harmonica, lead vocals

Track List:
01. Scratch My Back – 3:46
02. Not Yet – 4:27
03. Doctor – 4:13
04. I Had to Rape Her – 4:14
05. Come, Wake Up! – 3:51
06. Try – 2:21
07. Night Symphony – 4:20
08. Love is a Game – 5:24

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