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One night in April 1998, Justin Hayward and his band performed a concert before a packed house at The CoachHouse Theatre in San Juan Capistrano, California.

The concert opens with an announcer greeting Hayward onto the stage. He is on his own for the first seven of his songs, accompanying himself on acoustic guitar and stands illuminated by a single spotlight. He looks ‘good for his age’ and appeared very relaxed, wearing a shirt with a mandarin collar.

He is joined by members of his own band as the concert proceeds, firstly by Mickey Feat on bass guitar for “Troubadour” and then Paul Bliss on keyboards and Gordon Marshal on drums for the remainder of the songs. Feat and Bliss had backed him on his latest solo album. Indeed seven of the twenty two songs presented in this concert come from this album.

Naturally a solo voice and a lone guitar cannot match the sound from the various studio albums. However, Justin is in fine voice and is able to show his expressive vocal range. He never forces his voice and the overall sound is not overpowering. His diction as usual is excellent and the words of the songs are easily understood. With his backing players he gains a much fuller sound and this does then give an excellent approximation of the Moodies in full swing. They do not attempt to cover up any deficiencies merely by turning up the volume on the amplifiers.

He quickly develops an easy rapport with his rapt audience. The songs are interspersed with light banter and anecdotes of his career.

- Justin Hayward / Guitar, Vocals
- Mickey Feat / Bass, Vocals
- Paul Bliss / Keyboards
- Gordon Marshall / Drums, Percussion, Keyboards, Flute

Track List:
01. Your Wildest Dreams – 4:07
02. Lost And Found – 2:58
03. Land Of Make Believe – 2:24
04. Blue Guitar – 2:28
05. Children Of Paradise – 3:14
06. Troubadour – 4:03
07. The Way Of The World – 4:55
08. Forever Autumn – 4:19
09. The Actor – 4:58
10. Watching And Waiting – 4:29
11. Something To Believe In – 4:10
12. Broken Dream – 6:29
13. The Story In Your Eyes – 5:25
14. Billy – 6:08
15. It’s Not Too Late – 4:53
16. Tuesday Afternoon – 4:23
17. Nights In White Satin – 5:23
18. Raised On Love – 4:19

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