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Often hailed as one the hard psych masterpieces to come out from Spain in the early 70s, Atila was a trio formed in 1973.

Handed out as a promo to guests of their live shows in 1975, this debut live album consists of one very long multi-part track “Beginning of The End”, with no stops or breaks, other than to change sides, it was essentially a live recording, done on a very small budget — thus has a sub standard sound quality.

Their sound at this early stage could be described as ripping guitar-driven rock, with bits of recognizable classical pieces appearing from time to time; the organ is prominent within the mix, also handling the bottom end using bass pedals.

They ramble a bit, the soloing tends to get excessive at times, yet there are still enough changes to keep the music interesting.

- Eduardo Alvarez Niebla / guitar
- Paco Ortega / keyboards
- Juan Panet / drums
- Miguel Blasco / Bass

Track List:
01. Beginning of The End – 29:53

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